USA Area Codes

The United States is divided into various Area Codes, which correspond to specific geographic areas for telephone dialing. Although some states have only one Area Code, others have multiple. The addition of these new codes created millions of new phone numbers that could be used for various types of services. Listed below are the most popular Area Codes. To find yours, just click on the map below. To view area codes for each state, click on the state you would like to call.

The USA area numbers and country codes differ for each state. In general, the area code is the first digit of the phone number, followed by the area code. It also covers the territory of Puerto Rico. This way, it is easier to determine the right area code for your call. If you're traveling internationally, use the exit code "00".

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPP) determines the need for area code relief and orders a transition period for education and notification of customers. The transition period is to avoid any confusion when dialing a new number. Then, the new area code will be in place for at least four years. This transition period helps make the transition as smooth as possible for customers. Then, the area code will be assigned to the number that originates from the area code that you call.

USA area codes are important when calling local numbers. These phone numbers help you find the right place to call and make calls to family and friends. Besides, knowing the local area code allows you to better organize your multiple lines. Therefore, it is vital to know where the area code of your new phone number lies. And, of course, you should keep your old phone number, as well! But, before making a call, make sure to remember to dial the area code that corresponds to your new location.

The Western United States contains the Rocky Mountains and the West Coast. There are thirteen states in this region, including Alaska and Hawaii, and eleven others, which include Nevada, Oregon, and Utah. USA area codes map downloads are available upon payment. You can get themon the WhoCalled website and  immediately after that make your payment. These files are ready to use. If you need to know which area code belongs to a specific state, you can use the zip code or the area code in the state to find the city it belongs to.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has exclusive jurisdiction over telephone numbering in the United States, but has delegated some authority to state regulatory agencies, like the California CPUC. California has 36 area codes. Area codes are added as three-digit prefixes become unavailable. The process of adding new area codes is either through geographic splits or overlay. In California, twelve new area codes were added in 2006 using this technique. If you are looking to purchase phone numbers for your business, you should consider Freshdesk Contact Center. With this platform, you can use multiple virtual phone numbers, vanity numbers, and toll-free numbers. You can also port your existing phone number to the Freshdesk system.

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